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CURE Summit
JULY 1, 2, & 3.
The Rx for diseases of the collective HUMAN SPIRIT - and your journey to 
Master you inner world to master your outer world.
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July 1-3. Pre-records available all day. FORUMS LIVE and scheduled. (register for schedule).

@ 10 AM EST start time 

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Sandra Miller- Personal Mastery Mindset Coach

Health Coach/Educator

Gavin D. Ashley

Intuitive Coach - Creator of the BELIEF RESET METHOD

If not us WHO, If not now WHEN? - JFK

12 guest speakers in all areas of personal growth.  All with unique methods and perspectives to help YOU create the type of shifts in yourself to create massive change in YOUR world and OUR WORLD. OUR TIME IS NOW!

There is a major shift in the energy of the planet. Emotional disturbances are at an all time high. Uncertainty of the future leads to high anxiety and fear. You may be experiencing a dredging up of emotions that may feel overwhelming at times.  We are all at a breaking point with life on this earth.

We have an unprecedented opportunity to make a decision as to what kind of life and what kind of world we want to live in. Contrary to the beliefs of many, emotions and feelings are within your control. You simply need TOOLS and guidance to tap in to in times of emotional fragility. You are in the right place! 

This summit is a HUMAN POTENTIAL TOOLKIT where our ONE mission to to help you reach yours.

Rather than have someone interview me, I will be LIVE on Day ONE and will speak about:  LOSE THE WAIT - OVERCOME PROCRAsTINATION FAST. I'm inviting YOU live.

What You Will Learn On This Free (3) Day Event:
Understanding ways to move past adversity and feelings that keep up chained to our past. 
Hear inspiring stories of adversity and trauma and how those led to creating the greatest blessings and helped to become the catalyst to fulfill the dreams and desires of each speaker.

Each inspiring speaker will share their methods for overcoming ANY challenge. 

We found the secret to creating lasting change and control over thoughts and emotions and we share our methods with you.
Simply ways to squash self-doubt-
Our speakers have unique ways!

  Why is it that some seem too overcome mindset challenges better than others?

Understanding ourselves and our emotional triggers is a great first step.
But HOW do you stop the negative self-talk and feelings of overwhelm, doubt, and fear of change or of the unknown? 

Learn to overcome ANY limiting belief and negative feeling quickly and begin moving your life forward before this summit ends.

Learn how to manage feeling rather than having them control you.

We  show you how to take back your personal power. 

Why discovering your purpose makes such a big impact in you satisfaction with your life overall.
Why creating your feelings rather than letting them control you moves you further faster. Gain self-mastery over any situation.
Piece of mind is attainable for anyone in any situation.

Summit, Speakers, Consciousness Cure
  • Karin Weiri - Host of SHIFT HAPPENS Podcast and Family Therapist.
  • Dr. Thornton Streeter D.Sc. - Biofield Viewer developer, educator, speaker.
  • Shelley Roxanne - The QUEEN of optimism, coach, author and speaker.
  • ​Dr. Sherry Buffington - Human Performance Coach and creator of The CORE Map Method and the RAMP method.
  • ​Myrrh de Marmion - Sound Alchemist, retreat leader, transformational coach.
  • ​Joshua Berglan - "The World's Mayor and podcaster at GRATITUDE: UNFiltered.
  • ​Brenda Lainof - Emotion Code Practitioner and Light Language facilitator.
  • ​Gavin D. Ashley -Medical Intuitive and creator of THE BELIEF RESET method.
  • Tom Paladino - Scalar Light researcher, humanitarian and creator of Scalar Light programs for wellness.
  • Eeshi-Ra Hart - Speaker, spiritual teacher, sound and vibrational practitioner working with Solfeggio and earth frequencies.
  • ​Jackie Simmons - Teen Suicide Prevention advocate, speaker and author and MAKE IT A GREAT DAY trainer.
  • ​Michelle Barrial - Healing Hearts and Minds  drumming and vibrational medicine specialist and  and transformational coach. 
  • ​Kerri Kannan - Consciousness Alignment Facilitator and coach. 
  • ​Sol Luckman - Acclaimed author and speaker and creator of the REGENETICS METHOD. BONUS INTERVIEW.
  • ​Eeshi-Ra Hart - Sound Healer - Solfeggio and Earth Sound Healing. BONUS INTERVIEW.
  • ​And, of course - ME.  Sandra Miller - Personal Mastery Mindset Coach, Holistic Health Coach/Speaker. 

And your hosts:

Sandra Miller - Personal Mastery Mindset Coach and
Gavin Ashley - Intuitive Healer / Creator of the BELIEF RESET Method.  

And... we will have THREE LIVE FORUMS. One for each day of the summit. 
Conscious conversations are on tap each day and broadcast LIVE to FACEBOOK so you can join the conversation too.

Check out our FORUM group on July 1st at 2 PM EST! You get to interact with the forum speakers and they bring SO much value and insight. Join the CONSCIOUS CONVERSATION each day during the summit. Just register now!

DAY #1 Forum is Susan Shatzer and THE HIGH VIBE TRIBE.  - COPYWRIGHT 2020